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New Consultation £180 - £220

Review Consultation £90 - £140


Prices for surgical procedures are agreed pre-operatively

Medical Insurance


The surgeons in the Belfast Knee Clinic are registered by all the major insurance companies.

Occasionally insurance companies will inform patients that a surgeon is not "fee assured." This means that some costs may not be covered by insurance. The BKC fees for consultation, review and investigations are usually met in full by the insurance companies (after any excess or restriction payable by a patient as part of their policy).

The BKC fees for hospital investigation (e.g. x-ray or MRI) and hospital inpatient care are also usually met in full, by arrangement between the insurance companies and the hospitals.

The individual surgeon fees for operations are not always fully covered by the insurer and some insurance companies have recently reduced their level of cover.

Surgical fees are confirmed with patients before booking operations. There will be an opportunity for patients to assess their insurance cover and be aware of any potential shortfall.



Medical Insurance Provider Registration Numbers:


Ian Corry:

BUPA: 2983510; AXA/PPP: IC 00490

Aviva: 100098326; WPA: 2057087


Chris Connolly:

BUPA: 04099130; AXA/PPP: CC 02726

Aviva: 600043585; WPA: 930101718


Richard Nicholas:

BUPA: 3064607; AXA/PPP: RN 00361

Aviva: 1000103038; WPA: 2105065

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